Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Roti Manis // Mini Sweet Bun

Last week, for almost 3 days my husband got tooth pain and he said : ' I should stop eating the sweetest stuff' OK .. !! never mind , mean is I won't do baking no more ^-^ but it was kind of strange for me, since I love baking that made me nervous - LOL.

The other days, when he feel better he started looked around , look for some snack. Well.. no cookies, no cake I made - poor him he..he..he. And than I decided to make something not too sweet but still taste great, and I chose to make a bread. Honest to GOD , make a bread it will gonna be my last achieve. I almost give up to make bread, I couldn't remember how many time I dump all dough into trash bin . Until I found a new method that I will love forever .

The key is so simple, get any kind of yeast put into warm water, and add 1 tsp of sugar. set a side .. you will see, if the yeast are raise is mean you can continue baking, if not.. just dump the mixture and make another one. Other wise you just waste your time !! Believe me,

Roti Manis // Sweet Bun

500 gram bread flour, sifted
1 pack of active yeast ( +/- 7 gram)
¼ cup warm water
1 tsp sugar
200 cc tepid water or less depend on your dough
2 eggs , room temperature
25 gram full cream milk powder
50 gram caster sugar
1 tsp salt
75 gram butter, softened

Add, 1 Egg yolk + 1 tbsp honey mixed well for brushing

1 – 2 tbsp melted butter

Directions :

Sprinkle the yeast onto ¼ cup the tepid water add 1 tsp sugar, stir, and set aside for 10 minutes until foamy. If yeast are foamy mean yeast active

In a mixer with dough hooks, mix flour, milk powder, caster sugar, eggs and waters until all mixed, then add butter and salt. Mix well, then knead it for a second time until dough become elastic. Put in the big clean bowl, cover with plastic. Set a side for 1 hour or until raise well, double in size –anyway, in this part you can put your clothes into laundry room or do blog walking so you will never realize until your dough raise ^_^ -

Punched the dough and knead again lightly, then divide them into small size about 30 – 40 gram each ,t hen rolls into balls, fill them with cheese, chocolate chips or whatever filling you like. Let stand for another 45 minute than brush with egg yolk mixture)., put any fillings you like Put them on the baking sheet, brush them with egg yolk, and bake into the oven 350 F for 20 minute or until golden brown. Right the way brush them with melted butter.

For filling , I put some bread with cheese , some with rice chocolate and some with peach jam and i sprinkle with white and black sesame seeds

Cheese Filling

50 grams shredded cheddar cheese
1 tbsp sugar powder
25 grams margarine
25 grams milk powder

mixed all the ingredients together.

Oh , by the way Thank you to Melly from Mexico in My Kitchen who so generous share award to me , and I will love to share this award to my friends too

2. Sefa - from Food is Love
3. Lisa - from Lisa is Cooking
4. Lubna - from Kitchen Flavour
5. Elsye - from DAPUR SAYA
6. Debba - from Passionate about Baking
7. Henny - from All About Kids
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9. Rita - from Gift from the Kitchen
OK, girls.. enjoy your award :-)


lisa is cooking said...

These buns look so delicious! Sounds great with the cheese filling too.

Thank you so much for the award! That is so nice.

Rita Sella said...

makkk aku datang cuman mo ambil jatah sweet bunku :)... gak taunya dapet award jg... thanks...i lop mu

Elsye said...

sengkkiyuuu Mak award nyaa..muuacchh..sekalian nyomot rotina....hihihihi...ga mau rugi.com..wakakakak....

Deeba PAB said...

Congrats on the award & thanks for passing it on to me. I am touched that you thought of me. I love this bread you made. Everyhing you say about yeast is so true, & I guess the trash bin knows better!! Have a good day my dear!

Retno Prihadana said...

ikutan nyomot rotinya ah :)

henny said...

Aah...thanks buat award nya! Blog mu seharusnya memang harus dapet sebanyak2nya award, hehehe....bagus banget sih poto2na...Makanannya juga hhmmmm....seems delicious!

lubnakarim06 said...

Buns look absolutely gorgeous.....Soft and yum too.... Thank you for thinking of me for the beautiful award.

Nisa-mom said...

Dear All,

Thank you for yours nice comment. Always make me happy that I have many nice friends around.

Richard said...

Made your Roti Manis today for my Indonesian wife and children... Roti keju, roti pisang, roti chocolate, and some mixtures of all three. Flour must be dryer here as I had to add an extra 150ml of water, but the results were perfect, happy faces all around, reminded us all of home!

Terima Kasih Banyak Fitri!!

Nisa-mom said...

Hi Richard, you are very welcome !it's nice to know that recipe was working for you! It's been for a while I didn't have a chance to go visit my family in Jakarta, hopefuly soon ! I miss trafic and Durian in Jakarta LOL