Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer

Hi..everyone, how are you doing ? Happy Summer to you. I'm so sorry didn't upload a new picture or recipe lately. Summer is here, I've been busy take care of the little one every day for her's summer camp , been busy sewing some summer clothes for her, for me , preparing for a summer trip in 2 more weeks :) but the other reason is weather just great. So, I choose to spend a lot of time for outdoor activity. Mostly after put my kid at school bus , back to home to taking care of my little veggie garden.. oh well, get tan more and more i think :)

Anyway, just want to share Rujak recipe one of Indonesian dish, rujak is a traditional fruit and vegetable salad dish commonly find in Asian Country. So many type of rujak in Indonesia. This time I made Rujak Serut or Shredded Rujak, which is all the fruits must to shredded into a roughly grated consistency. This is typical dessert every time I throw party at home during summer time.


2 ripped mangoes, shredded
2 medium carrot, shredded carrots
2 medium cucumber , shredded
1 jicama , shredded

1 green apple, shredded

1/2 part of grape fruit, peel

300ml water
3 tbs Javanese-palm sugar (or Jagerry)
Pinch of shrimp paste (optional)
3 bird chilli (less if you can’t handle the hot spice )
Salt to taste

Direction :
Boil the water in a pot together with palm sugar sugar
Pound the chili, salt and shrimp paste with mortar, add into the boiling water stir well until all are blended and continue to boil for little while.
Let it cool to a completely room temperature . add in all the shredded fresh fruits.
Refrigerated and serve chill

Happy Summer !!