Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sour Cherry Preserve


Is June, it's time to pick sour cherry from the farm .  I've been lucky enough to find this family farm 1 hour drive distance from our home - in a matter of week, sour cherry will be gone especially only 1 place near by has this tree on their farm.
We were serious cherry picker, you know.  Within 2 hours we  picked so many cherries, blueberries also (surprise surprise) mulberries to bring home , as I always have plan on my head what should I do with this beauty!  Torshi and Moraba are the option, since our own Iranian - Indonesian family loves eat fresh bread with moraba.
Here is the simple recipe I'd like to share, hope you are lucky enough to get sour cherry on your hand otherwise regular cherry will work fine to, only reduce of sugar .
Sour Cherries Preserve - Moraba-ye- Albaloo
Ingredients :
11/2 lbs sour cherry
1 cup sugar
1 tbsp. rose water (optional)
Directions :
Wash, dry and remove pits from sour cherries
Add sugar to sour cherries and let them sit there for a couple of hours.
Place fruit and juices in a pot and bring to a simmer. Remove extra foam. Simmer for about an hour until the juices turn into syrup. Sometimes sour cherries have a lot of juice. You have two options if you are left with too much syrup. One option is to remove the actual fruit from the pot and reduce the remaining syrup. The other option is to save the syrup and and add ice and water for refreshing drink during hot summer day - all natural ingredients l !!
Pickled Sour Cherries - Torshi-ye-Albaloo
Ingredients :
1 lbs sour cherry
400ml white vinegar
2 tsp salt
100 gr sugar
2 fresh thyme sprigs
10 whole peppercorns
Directions :
wash and sort through the cherry carefully, discarding the leaves and trimming the stalk .
Place the vinegar and generous about 200ml water in a pan, add salt bring to boil than add rhe sugar, turn off the heat down , simmer about 10 minutes until sugar dissolve
Divide the cherries , thyme, between sterilized jar. Pour the pickling liquid over the top, allow to coll and seal. Allow at least 1 week before you trying your torshi (honestly this is the hard part)