Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kue Putu // Putu Steamed Cake

Another years coming, *gosh.. last year is only 2 weeks ago* and another new year resolution I already write on my journal, one of the long list is : "Save More Spend Less" - hahahah.. cross my finger. So, how about you ? What's kind resolution you make for new year ?

Talking about new year, I just realize that I didn't go to see my family in Indonesia for almost 2,5 years. Hopefully I can make this year :) Not only missed them so well, but I missed all the foods too . Like Kue Putu.

Putu cake is a kind of Indonesian food in the form of a cake that contains brown sugar and grated coconut , wrapped in a steamed rice flour. This cake is usually steamed with a tube placed in bamboo and sold at night, I have no idea why they onlysell at night.

Distinctive sound of steam coming out of the tool. And really, I missed the sound of the steam bamboo too. Sound funny, but that's true . Most colors of this putu cake is white and green . Putu cake it self was extended to other countries, like Singapore and Malaysia, although the names and forms for this cake a little different, but it was as a traditional Indonesian putu cake itself.

Kue Putu // Putu Steamed Cake


250 g rice flour

225 cc of hot boiling water

½ teaspoon salt

150 gr palm sugar, thinly slices

100 gr grated coconut

1 tsp of pandan food coloring flavour


Cover steamer with a clean napkin, steamed rice flour for 1 hour. Put into the clean medium bowl add hot boiling water, stirring with a wooden spoon until the powder transferred into nice smooth dough

Add the dough in a wire strainer, press and rubbing with your hands so the dough will comes out in the form of granules. Add the grated coconut and salt

Add 1 - 2 tbsp of the dough into the mold , press in half, give a little slice of brown sugar, fill with another 1 - 2 tbsp dough , press nicely

Steamed + / - 30 minutes until completely cooked. Remove from mold and serve warm with extra grated coconut