Sunday, May 31, 2015

summer, hot weather , water ..

Play water during hot summer in Midwest is fun , its only 1 week past of 2 months summer break, so far I just invite 3 kids have play day at our home .  Not like last year with bunch of kids around home, this time is more simple with a little group since I still busy working everyday in our workshop and I don't have much time to taking care of more than 3 girls .. 
They like to swim, play water in the park near by our home or just walking for ice cream , well sometime I take them to the zoo together too.  Not always easy handle 3 girls, they argue sometime but overall they loves each other.. :)
I spent my weekend sewing 3 city gym short, it was fun sewing really - get your free pattern from Purl Soho - trust me, you won't stop just making 1 short only ... who doesn't need short during hot summer like now ?? and the best part is you have a reason to go to fabric shop .. wuhuuu..
ps : there is 2 mallard ducks take over the swimming pool when the girls swimming , now those 2 friendly ducks become our pet, they always comes for short time, eat bread that my daughter given and go , and come back again. ... it has been 4 days , I'm sure they will come often

Friday, May 29, 2015

sweet year ..

Summer is officially here - kid already out of school.  It was a very nice year for my daughter, she closed her school year with amazing result.  As a parent we proud of her.  So many nice moment during a school year, she has her first violin concert, her art project selected for 3rd time to be part of art exhibition, and the last good news is she won her first time ever a granting dreams project and receive fund for her summer project.   

All her hard work during last school year was pay off, now she can enjoy her 'sweet treats'  - she will go for summer camp with a program that she loves most .. painting class , play a lot with her best friends, going for summer trips...  and many more .
I know she feel sad must to leave her favorite teacher, but in other hand she is happy that she will move to the next level and meet new teacher and new friends.  On last day of school, I sent 3 gift for 3 of her favorite teachers ..  I made a simple patchwork tote bag , inside the bag I put : summer flip flop, body lotion, lips gloss , sunblock and candies..   I think that was a perfect summer gift :)  In fact I never feel bored sewing this patchwork ...

Friday, May 22, 2015

Noting Hill Mini Quilt - Pattern Tester

My secret sewing reviled ... :) about 2 weeks ago, Nadra from Ellis and Higgs sent me e-mail ask if I want to try her new pattern , I love try a new sewing skill - as I told her, that I am just a beginner and occasional quilter , so don't expect me to do the perfect sewing but she still send me her pattern to try. So, what else I can tell ? I do really love the result, cutting a small pieces is not 'really' my favorite thing, but as soon as I sit on my sewing chair, everything just come easily.

I made 2 time mini quilt using her pattern, but I wasn't happy with the first one, I choose a very similar color of fabric for the roof, so the result is not really "pop ups .. "  and than in the last minute, I made the second quilt , I really nervous since I didn't have enough time to sew any more, our office is really busy , but since I had an experience with the first mini quilt, I know what should I do ..  voila... I love it !!
For you who want to try a new level of sewing , please check Nadra website, HERE .. she will launch her pattern very soon.  The pattern is so clear and easy to follow ... trust me, even you just a beginner, you always can tackle it ... (ps : I had fun add flowers around the window panel)