Saturday, February 6, 2010

Learning something new

Don't be confuse when you visit my blog, all sudden you find the craft pictures which is no related at all with baking or cooking passion like I did before. I've been away from cooking site, my daughter's site, face book and any social networking site for a while and find my self stucked in the small corner of my basement playing around with fabrics, threads, and felts.

Don't tell that I ever attend design school , NO! I just the person like to try many things and get bored pretty soon . LOL. As, I remember, my husband gave the sewing machine for my first time birthday in USA ! That was 5 years, and never open it ! ayayayayya.. Well, this activity helping me a lot, especially during the winter time like this. I rather stay home than driving around if not necessary. I can spend time with my daughter, I put the machine and all the stuff in the basement for my self and next put drawing table in other side of room for my daughter, so i still can watching her and play with her while I do sewing.

It's kind of tricky since I have no skill and experience of sewing . Just do base on my feeling, hahahahah.. don't tell my mom.. (she is a good seamstress and made many clothes for 3 of us while we were kids)

So far, the result made me happy and become my weekend activity. I made summer dress for my daughter but she couldn't wait to wear it. Here we go, meet the model ..

The next weekend I made 2 sides of apron, I love it.. and made another one for my friend daughter for her birthday present. Hm.. may be i need to open on-line store soon *sigh* too many plan ^_^

Do I still baking ? yes, I do.. but mostly just baking the simply things .. like this recipe, this snack become my husband favorite's snack too. let's try it.. very..very simple. So, I still can do sewing, playing with my kid and watching someone eating my snack ^LOL^

Sweet Almond Financier

5 Tbs. unsalted butter, at room temperature

1 cup sifted confectioners' sugar

1⁄4 cup sifted all-purpose flour

1⁄2 cup almond flour

2 egg whites

Preheat an oven to 425ºF.

Butter a 6-well silicone fluted tart mold and place on a baking sheet.

In a small saucepan over medium heat, melt the 5 Tbs. butter until it starts to brown and gives off a nutty aroma, about 3 minutes.

Transfer to a small heatproof bowl and let cool. In a bowl, whisk together the confectioners' sugar, all-purpose flour and almond flour until combined. Add the egg whites and whisk until incorporated. Add the melted butter and whisk until smooth.

Divide the batter among the prepared wells and bake until the edges of the financiers are golden brown and the centers spring back when lightly touched, 15 to 20 minutes.

Immediately invert the mold onto a wire rack and remove the financiers, using a toothpick to gently loosen them, if needed. Let cool for 30 minutes before serving.


bake in paris said...

Fit, great to have you back....

I am so glad you took the chance to experience something new, I could see it has been very fruitful to you. Your selection of fabrics and the way you combine things and all is pretty much designer to me..... :-)

Yes, developing for future online business is one way to go, my friend!

Sawadee from bangkok,

Fitri said...

Thank you for encouraging me, as always Kris.

Dwiana P said...

Mak.....!! cakep2 itu project crafts elo.
So colorful and it is nice having lil girl like Nisa, bisa lo bikinin macem2 mak.
gw lagi blogwalking nih, idih malu dah lama gk di update blog gw. sebetulnya ada beberapa yg bisa di posting. tapi ini loh gk sempet2:(
happy sewing mak, I know it is fun!

Fitri said...

bu RT.. kmana ajah lu :) kangen oy.. embeer, sewing is fun, tapi masih buta nih gue ..banyak salah nya

bake in paris said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Fit! May you always be surrounded by love and joy! May your family be filled with laughter, warmth, and compassion!!

Are you still in your sewing mood?? Please come out to the kitchen and bake something :-) We miss your baking here!! Urgently!!

Sawadee from Bangkok,

Julia @Mélanger said...

I am so impressed by your creations. They are just beautiful. You sure do have a talent. And wonderful that you get so much enjoyment from it, too! :)

henny said...

Ah, ternyata yang disini pake fotonya Fitri kecil, eh..Nisa. hehe...lucu benerr ! Keep on sewing :) Btw, sabar bener ya kamu foto2 anak, susah kan...gerak2 mulu!