Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kue Putu // Putu Steamed Cake

Another years coming, *gosh.. last year is only 2 weeks ago* and another new year resolution I already write on my journal, one of the long list is : "Save More Spend Less" - hahahah.. cross my finger. So, how about you ? What's kind resolution you make for new year ?

Talking about new year, I just realize that I didn't go to see my family in Indonesia for almost 2,5 years. Hopefully I can make this year :) Not only missed them so well, but I missed all the foods too . Like Kue Putu.

Putu cake is a kind of Indonesian food in the form of a cake that contains brown sugar and grated coconut , wrapped in a steamed rice flour. This cake is usually steamed with a tube placed in bamboo and sold at night, I have no idea why they onlysell at night.

Distinctive sound of steam coming out of the tool. And really, I missed the sound of the steam bamboo too. Sound funny, but that's true . Most colors of this putu cake is white and green . Putu cake it self was extended to other countries, like Singapore and Malaysia, although the names and forms for this cake a little different, but it was as a traditional Indonesian putu cake itself.

Kue Putu // Putu Steamed Cake


250 g rice flour

225 cc of hot boiling water

½ teaspoon salt

150 gr palm sugar, thinly slices

100 gr grated coconut

1 tsp of pandan food coloring flavour


Cover steamer with a clean napkin, steamed rice flour for 1 hour. Put into the clean medium bowl add hot boiling water, stirring with a wooden spoon until the powder transferred into nice smooth dough

Add the dough in a wire strainer, press and rubbing with your hands so the dough will comes out in the form of granules. Add the grated coconut and salt

Add 1 - 2 tbsp of the dough into the mold , press in half, give a little slice of brown sugar, fill with another 1 - 2 tbsp dough , press nicely

Steamed + / - 30 minutes until completely cooked. Remove from mold and serve warm with extra grated coconut


Indigo said...

Taplak batik cantik skali di foto. Elo masih retouch pake soft fokus ya? Coba bikin bokeh dong mak, pan dah pake kamera DSLR :P

Susy Barrat said...

jenk mo tanya, cara buat kue putu , yg adonannya di wire strainer, press & rubbing with yiour hands so the dough will come out in the form of granules.. sumpah ga ngerti.. maklum baru dalam hal memasak nih..
jelasin dong dalam bhs indo..makasih ya..

bake in paris said...

Fit, I like the new look of your blog : very crisp and refreshing!!!! You have done a good job designing it...

Have you submitted to DMBLGIT already? This kue putu looks delicious.... can't wait to see what will come along next!!

Sawadee from bangkok,

Sweetiepie said...

wow!amazing dessert.looks delicious.I wish i am your neighbour :)

Azita said...

looks so delicious, I'd love to make this cake, someday. lovely photo!

best wishes,


Rita S Bellnad said...

maaaakkk... leotmu keweeennn...
warungku masih tutup mak, just so you know :)

Fitri said...

@ Indigo : itu taplak kan sebetulnya, gendongan nisa waktu bayi.. wuakakakk.. asyiik kan :P

@ Susi : udah di jawab langsung ya Susi..

@ Kris : thank you Kris..and thank you for my best grafik designer too :D

@ Sweetiepie : i've been talked about this to all my blogger friends too, all their food made me hungry :)

@ Azita : thank you to stopping by Azita :)

@ Rita : aaaih.. pantesan di cariin ga ada terus, hayuuh.. buka warung nya cepaaat :D

Susy Barrat said...

fit.. beli cetakan kue putunya dimana? pengen punya..temen nyari di Mayestik tapi katanya kudu beli sekalian ama kukusannya juga... makasih ya udah mampir ketempatku..