Saturday, February 20, 2016

Zebra Chocolate Chiffon Cake

I heard someone open the cake dome after dinner, last night, than ...
wife yelled from the basement : 'don't touch'.  
husband : 'why not' ?
wife : 'because I need to take a picture for my blog first'
husband + kid : 'daaaaa .....
Hahahah, let be honest, did you do the same like I do ? why we care so much to take a picture before eat ? I don't know what your reason is, but care, because I want to share the recipes with you guys ... *wink*
Zebra Chocolate Chiffon Cake
Recipe courtesy : Primarasa Magazine
Ingredients :
200 gr all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp vanili
7 yolks
50 ml cooking oil
200 ml coconut milk
2 tbsp. chocolate powder + 1 dash of coffee extract
7 white eggs
1/2 tsp salt
200 gr granulate sugar
1/2 tsp cream of  tartar
Directions :
Pre-heat oven 350F  -  1 chiffon pan, do not grease with butter
In the medium bowl , mix together flour, baking powder, vanili, make a hole in the middle add yolks, mix well , add oil and coconut milk.  Mixing the ingredients with spatula until no more lump.
using electronic mixer , mix together white eggs , salt, cream of tartar - add little by little sugar , mixing together until glossy (between hard and soft peak).
Add the white eggs mixture into the flour batter with wooden spatula , make sure they mix well , don't over do.   Take some (about 1 generous cup of batter) and with chocolate powder and coffee extract.
How to make zebra pattern : put about 5 tbps. plain batter in one side of chiffon pan, add about 3 tbsp. chocolate batter right on the top of plain batter, put carefully don't try to adjust or tap the baking pan, let the batter flow by itself , it will create nice pattern when it done.  Repeat this step until the batter is finish.
Bake about 50 - 60 minute, depend on your oven.  Take a test with the tooth pick, to see if your cake is done or not. Turn the pan up side down.  Let it cool off about 30 minute.

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