Monday, February 15, 2016

The latest quilt

I'm not really start my sewing activity yet, what I mean is sewing big project like I used to do such a making quilt , I sew some little thing that I'm not considering as a big one but I love to put some of my latest quilt from 2015 just to encourage me to make more and filled up my online store soon .  Oh, well .. where's the time goes ?
the blue quilt above is the latest quilt I made for a lady who loves blue and math.
Blue is not my thing,  it take me too long to decide what pattern I should choose  but I think I did good by choosing Irish chain pattern and using so many different kind of blue fabric to make look like a patchwork :)  

the other quilt I proud to show you is my *a very long over due* Swedish bloom quilt - it's really take forever to finish this one (I think 1 year to be exact ) . I don't know what I was thinking to make this so big, queen size ... doh ... anyway, this quilt won't go anywhere . I keep it and will giveaway to my daughter for her memory sake :)))  
That's all for now , I promise will show you more ... 
Happy Sewing

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