Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The beauty of freezing cold ..

The beauty of freezing cold - bright sun still not help to melt the snow #polarvortex #freezingcold #winter2014 #january #snow #home by Fitri D. // Rumah Manis
A polar vortex is coming back , we are facing another freezing cold today. Just 15F - even though the sky is so bright, but still not help .. still cold ... after all this is winter .. what do you expect ? :)) Is alright, I am not complain especially in other of the world facing drought weather even some has water flood, hang on there everybody .. mother nature is show her power !!


With the weather like this, mean is schools closed again .. so far 10 days total no school during winter , and another day to play pretend with my daughter. This time I pretend as her teacher ... get some free printable worksheet from online site, print out, getting ready , study etc. No problem so far, she is a nice girl I ever have ; she is enjoy play pretend with her mom. Even preparing her lunch like he regular lunch box .. a small portion this and that .. and at the end of the day, as I promised she will get reward for being a nice student, watching Martha Speak Movie on my computer .

Just another day ....


Hesti HH. said...

Dingin banget mbak, semoga sekeluarga sehat sehat ya. Seru juga mainan liburannya ^^

Lady Lilith said...

I love your first photograph. You are correct. There is nothing more beautiful then a snow scene.