Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last minute gift idea

H O L I D A Y - Season  mean is spend .. spend .. spend !! I'm not crazy about shopping during holiday season , its always get hard time to find parking space, car bump with other car, wuuuhuuu.. scary situation, stay too long in the line and so and so ..  but since we have many nice people around , I like to give something for them .  Well, we are not celebrate Christmas but since families and friends like to bring something for us, I would love to share something with them too.
I made several last minute gift to share with them ** why must be last minute idea ? well, are you like me ?? always confuse what should you get for someone ? always worry if the person you will give the gift will like or not ?  The easy way is giving them a gift card ! that's it .. problem solve ! But not always work for me .. I need something more personal to give, well course I add this .. that .. and ending with reached deep pocket .. LOL
Ok, here we go .. I made several craft stuff for my little one teachers and some other relatives - easy peasy craft but made me happy. Just grabbed some fabrics , cut , add ribbon, and.. voila ...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you

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