Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Black Glutinous Rice Ice Cream

It's not easy updating my blog lately, summer its here !! So many things need to take care of and I just have 2 hand. Busy with my daughter summer camp schedule , everyday during summer break. Before I know, the time is clicking .. oh, NO .. No more time for baking, or finishing my quilting project. 

St.Louis has a crazy weather ever, we just start summer day but the heat is already reach 104 F - hot.. hot.. hot, I my self never like to turn on the oven during this time, just simply baking is fine for me. And making home made Ice cream is MUST !!  The glutinous black rice here is remind me about eating 'Es Potong' when I visited my country about 2 years ago, my daughter loved it.  So, I decide to make my self. The result is awesome, this is a second batch I made already. And become my daughter favorite home made Ice Cream ever.
Black Glutinous Rice Ice Cream by Fitri D. // Rumah Manis
Black Glutinous Rice Ice Cream (Es Potong)

One hand full of black glutinous rice, washed and soaked whole night
3 cups water
1 cups half-and-half
1 cup coconut milk
1 cup whipping cream
2 cup sugar
2 pandan leaves, washed and tied into knots

Direction :
My lazy method and yet simple no more mess around the kitchen top, I put black rice, water, pandan leaves on slow cooker for almost 3 hours, until all the grain become so tender.  Discard the leaves, let it cool before continue to next step.
Combine all ingredients : half and half, coconut milk, whipping cream and sugar in  a large saucepan and place over medium heat. Attach a frying or candy thermometer to inside of pan. Stirring occasionally, bring the mixture to 170 degrees F. Add, the black rice cooked, stir nicely. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly. Pour mixture into lidded container and refrigerate mixture overnight
Freeze mixture in ice cream freezer , Once the volume has increased by 1/2 to 3/4 times, and reached a soft serve consistency, spoon the mixture back into a lidded container and harden in the freezer at least 1 hour before serving. Enjoy..

Note from me :
1. Another day I using 2 cups of coconut milk and skip half and half, and voila.. I get more exotic taste as I expect.  
2. Using palm sugar is giving a more darker effect to the ice cream than white sugar.


Lubna Karim said...

Wow...lovely recipe....perfect summer treat...

Dewi said...

Wow, this is exotic ice cream. I never had the experienced to such a beautiful and delicious sounding ice cream.

Hesti HH. said...

MBak Fitriiiii, ngeces niy! aku belum pernah coba yang ginian. Biasanya es potongnya pake tape ketan hitam. Ampyuuun panas banget di sana ya mbak?

Piggy said...

Hi does the rice become hard once you freeze the icecream?

Nisa-mom said...

@piggy : after the icecream is getting hard, that make rice more crunchy actually, is quite good .. I kind of like the texture thou

Piggy said...

Thanks. I thought that might happen :) I tried this ice cream from a store once. The rice was quite hard so I think my family may not enjoy it as much. I still love the flavour though. I'm going to make it today! Using palm sugar as you suggested for better flavour.