Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quilts For Kids - Downy Touch Of Comfort Program

Quilts For Kids by Fitri D. // Rumah Manis

I’ve been heard about amazing program from my fellow blogger, Ashley called : “Downy Touch of Comfort Program Quilts for Kids” - that quilter can volunteer helping to making blanket for children in hospital all over the country.

I’m just beginner, what I know is sewing straight line that’s it. But that didn’t make me stop doing something for others. After read the article, I encourage my self to contact them. Within 1 week, their sent me quilt kit package. Contains with fabrics already cut with different size and some instruction how you can create pretty blanket. And you have time to sewing within 6 weeks.

I finished the project for 1 weeks, and already sent back the quilt to them. So, if you who lives in USA like to doing volunteer please check their website here :

I admit that my quilt is not perfect enough, but what I’m thinking is (maybe) the blanket will cheer the little ones who MUST to stay in hospital.  One thing I loved, we can give name for blanket you've been created. I called 'BLUE WAVE' for this quilt, is that cute name ? I bet a baby boy will accept this blanket. And hope he will like it.


Omee Bubu said...

Wonderful! They look soooo good!

Food and story said...

fantastic mak...kalo dekat sy pasti order, terutama seperti yg sudah jadi itu...kotak2 biru hijau....cantik sekali