Saturday, May 19, 2012

Late Bloomer - I'm not perfect series

Have you ever in situation that when you see around everybody looks are so perfect , lucky in life but you ?. Everyone looks so divine. They have many things in life, they are become a great author, have their own careers, and looks so brights !! I feel that way sometime (ok, alot)  and those feeling made me 'sad '. Not until I sat with an old lady, friend of mine a couple days ago - we had a cup coffee , chit chat for almost 2 hours . We felt comfort with each other, and share our stories together. The story of her's life made me almost cry - I feel that is too much for her to 'carry' herself. But I tell you, she is the strong woman I ever met.  I'm not gonna tell you, what kind of situation she has. But the point is : you can't always look up , you need to look down too, to see people who doesn't have a perfect life and those will make you feel like  a lucky person in the world who doesn't need to go through that situation.  That is for sure, comforting me that I can't be perfect because I am  what I am - be myself and feel blessing with things on my hand right now, I don't need to see how beautiful people grass is, I just need to trim my own grass and make them as beautiful as people yards :D
Anyway, what on the earth this pictures has thing to do with story above ? I tell you this one, may be I'm a late bloomer  ; I just start sewing, quilting, baking when my age is more than 40yo!!  LOL  - and this is my first time quilting ever, well, I made several projects before but typical of me and set aside, never intend to finished it up.  But this project really make me happy ; and if you see carefully, the sewing line is not straight ; kind of mess up little bit - but after the project finish, the picnic blanket is look 'perfect' to me   LOL  - oh well, mommy try to make an adjustment  ^__^

Picnic Quilt by Fitri D. // Rumah Manis

Now you will see the related between story above and my quilting project !! You don't have to see one by one and will find un-perfect thing, just need to see overall finish product ..  so comfortable picnic blanket and ... looks good, *eeerrr.. stop talking now !*
Do you see in the bottom of blanket ? I borrow the sketch from my daughter drawing paper and transfer to fabric and did a little handstich. :)  

oh , Ms.D , I hope you like this picnic blanket and every time you see the bottom of blanket you will know who you looking at ?


Hesti HH. said...

Wooooooooow...*melongo* keren banget quiltingnya mbak. 10 jempol buat mbak Fitri. Masing2 kainnya memang punya motif yang menarik ditambah lagi jahitan tangan yang bikin tambah unik...waduh nggak kebayang kalo aku bisa bikin kayak gini mbak. Betul betul butuh ketelitian dan kesabaran...dan yang paling utama emang bakat kali ya.

Setuju sama mbak Fitri, untuk selalu mensyukuri yang kita punya. Btw... kok aku nggak bisa copy nama blog Mbak Fitri ya. Setiap aku copy, nggak mau muncul judulnya *bingung*

henny said...

aah...another 'late bloomer'...thank you for accompany me :P
Imperfection just make you unique :D
pretty pretty quilt!!