Sunday, May 31, 2015

summer, hot weather , water ..

Play water during hot summer in Midwest is fun , its only 1 week past of 2 months summer break, so far I just invite 3 kids have play day at our home .  Not like last year with bunch of kids around home, this time is more simple with a little group since I still busy working everyday in our workshop and I don't have much time to taking care of more than 3 girls .. 
They like to swim, play water in the park near by our home or just walking for ice cream , well sometime I take them to the zoo together too.  Not always easy handle 3 girls, they argue sometime but overall they loves each other.. :)
I spent my weekend sewing 3 city gym short, it was fun sewing really - get your free pattern from Purl Soho - trust me, you won't stop just making 1 short only ... who doesn't need short during hot summer like now ?? and the best part is you have a reason to go to fabric shop .. wuhuuu..
ps : there is 2 mallard ducks take over the swimming pool when the girls swimming , now those 2 friendly ducks become our pet, they always comes for short time, eat bread that my daughter given and go , and come back again. ... it has been 4 days , I'm sure they will come often

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