Friday, May 22, 2015

Noting Hill Mini Quilt - Pattern Tester

My secret sewing reviled ... :) about 2 weeks ago, Nadra from Ellis and Higgs sent me e-mail ask if I want to try her new pattern , I love try a new sewing skill - as I told her, that I am just a beginner and occasional quilter , so don't expect me to do the perfect sewing but she still send me her pattern to try. So, what else I can tell ? I do really love the result, cutting a small pieces is not 'really' my favorite thing, but as soon as I sit on my sewing chair, everything just come easily.

I made 2 time mini quilt using her pattern, but I wasn't happy with the first one, I choose a very similar color of fabric for the roof, so the result is not really "pop ups .. "  and than in the last minute, I made the second quilt , I really nervous since I didn't have enough time to sew any more, our office is really busy , but since I had an experience with the first mini quilt, I know what should I do ..  voila... I love it !!
For you who want to try a new level of sewing , please check Nadra website, HERE .. she will launch her pattern very soon.  The pattern is so clear and easy to follow ... trust me, even you just a beginner, you always can tackle it ... (ps : I had fun add flowers around the window panel)


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Michaelanne said...

Hello my sweet friend!!! I love seeing your work...It is amazing:) Just like YOU!!! Beautiful quilt Fitri...You have such a good eye for color and design..NO matter how hard I try, quilting is not EVER easy for me...I truly struggle with pattern and color..and, then I go out to my garden, and it is a masterpiece!! Haha!!! Cant understand that! happy for it:) XXXOOO