Friday, April 10, 2015

Choco Rum Ball

When so many thing on my mind .. that is always happened !! Forget to put sugar on my cake batter ...dooh  .  And since no one want to eat unsweet cake , what I can do is just blend everything into the blender and with magic wand turn into Chocolate Rum Ball and as you can guess .. please the crowd ..eem. I mean so far my crowd are husband and kiddo ..
Chocolate Rum Ball
Ingredients :
- Unwanted cake / left over cake / whatever you called
- 1 can of condense milk (adjust your self)
- 1 tbsp. chocolate powder
- 1 tsp. rum or almond extract like I used in this recipe
- chocolate sprinkle ,nuts or shredded coconut / whatever you have at your pantry it will work
Method :
Just add 4 ingredients to blender, pulse, until become crumbs and easy to handle.
Take about 2 tsp. and make round, roll into chocolate sprinkle, put into refrigerator to set a bit , serve ...
I hope I never make mistake by putting 1 cup salt into my batter instead of sugar.. LOL


WendyinKK said...

1 cup of salt? My friend did that once, and her students asked me why their cake is salty, hehehehe

Nisa-mom said...

LOL, not me Wendy, but my friend did that ..

Hesti HH. said...

Waaaaaak...aku juga pernah gitu mba lupa masukin gulanya. Tapi dulu ngga ada ide bikin cakepop jadinya makannya sambil dicelup ke dalam teh manis >,<

Mysweet Ladyluck said...

salam kenal mba, imut nyoklat enak, ini dia kusuka sepertinya mudah membuatnya...boleh dicoba ... terimakasih.