Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hello ... (new year) ...

Oh .. hello friends , it has been awhile not even try to add story in this blog, my last post is about 6 months ago . Where is the times go ? I hope you are doing fine and new year bring a new hope and positivity into your life.  As I like to updating my blog daily well .. at least once a week, but seem impossible for now , I am juggling between working daily in our workshop , come back home in the afternoon, pick up my daughter from school, take her to several courses , again back home put dinner for everyone , do laundry etc. it's getting too much , at the end of the day I am so exhausted.  I try working on my craft over the weekend sometime , still taking an order from customer .. not much, since I know my capacity .. but overall my life is good..  I feel bless ..
Glad to be back, I will try to put more new recipes here ... let see.  And here is some of the quilts project I did last month , they are already on good hands now..  :)   


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