Friday, March 28, 2014

Onde Onde / Sesame Seed Ball

I must to admit 'food' is my biggest weakness.. I love food, good food, soul food, may be because I am asian ! We always appreciate home cook food . Now, here a thousand miles away from home - I move to different land, I found myself miss my mom food alot - I do cook for family, but sometime the sensation is different than I ever feel before.
There is one sweet snack I miss alot is onde-onde / sesame seed ball - some called, 'Ma Tuan' One of the most beloved Asian sweet dumpling. The texture of dumpling itself is not hubby or little one fav. so, you know next ... I am the one who will enjoy the sweet ... I don't mind at all .. :)))
Onde-onde / Sesame Seed Ball
Ingredients :
For Dumpling
250 glutinous rice flour
50 gr tapioca flour
50 gr sugar
1 tsp salt
250 cc warm lite coconut milk
sesame seed
For Filling :
150 gr dried,hulled and split yellow mung beans
200 gr sugar
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp vanila extract
about 200 gr water
Directions :
Making filling :
1.Rinse the mung bean, put them in a bowl, and add water to cover by 1 inch. Let soak for 2hour or overnight.
2.In medium heavy pot, add water , beans , salt, let boiled and cook until tender and add the sugar , vanila. Stir and cooked until the bean firm and smooth out. Turn off the heat.
3. Transfer to plastic container and cool at room temperature before using. The paste can be refrigerated for up to 2 weeks or frozen for a month.
4. Measure 1 level tsp of paste for each dumpling and roll each portion into a small ball. Put on a plate, cover, and set aside.
Tips : an easy way, skip (1)-(2) by put all the ingredients into the pressure cooker, close the lid, turn the heat to medium high. Wait until pressure cooker give a wishtle sound than start to set the time for 7 minute. And you are done !!
Making Dumpling :
Put the flours , sugar, salt, in a bowl and make a large well in the centre. Pour the warm coconut milk into the flour mixture . Use the wooden spoon or spatula to combine, stirring and eventually pressing the ingredients into the ball. Transfer to a work surface, the dough will still be warm , so be carefull and knead until smooth. Cover with plastic wrap
take about 1 tbsp of dough, roll into a ball. Repeat with the remaining dough pieces to yield 15-18 balls total.
for each dumpling, take a ball of dough and make a deep indentation to create a little cup. Aim to make the cup about 1 inch deep. You can build up the wall by pressing it between your tumb and index finger. Put a ball of paste in the well, tapping it down a bit. Close the cup, making sure that the filling is closed. Pinch and twist off any extra dough and seal well.
Roll the dumploing between your hands to make it perfectly round and smooth, slightly wet your hands before this final roll if the dough feel dry . Set aside and repeat to make more. cover the filled ones to prevent drying.
Put the sesame seed in a small bolw. Dunk each of dumpling into the bowl of water, shake off the excess water and then put it in the bowl of sesame seeds. Dredge the dumpling to coat it well with sesame seed, the place it back on your work surface. Repeat the remaining balls.
Use a wok or a pot, (about 4 quart pot) . Pour in the oil to a depth of 2 1/2 inches. Heat over medium . Fry the ball, 5 at a time, for 7 minute, frequently turn and stir the balls to prevent uneven browning.
To better taste, try to eat them the day after they are made !! :)


Anonymous said...

Your baking always looks amazing and so delicious looking! I would probably be the only one to eat this but it might be worth it!

Citra Kale said...

Hmm...they are so sexy to eat.. mau nyomot satu..*boleh nggak? :p
*salam kenal dari "onde2 lover