Friday, February 21, 2014

Nice Friday ...

macs by Fitri D. // Rumah Manis
We've been spoiled by the weather for almost 2 days, between 55F - 60 F everyday, it wasn't bad at all for winter . I try to enjoy the weather, before another polar vortex is coming on next week.. as the weather man said ..

With the nice weather and feeling good, I decided not to touch my sewing machine today but my mixer .. wuhuu ... baking a coffee cake and matcha macaroon *the recipe you can find it easily under the tag : baking, cake*

Everything done in the afternoon, took some pictures for my blog, and when I realize its time to pick up my little one from school . The school is near our house, and since the weather just nice, I decided just to walk.. it was nice walk, I met several parents, chat a little bit.. While I waiting outside, I took some pictures around.. it was really nice day ... can't complain, though ..
doesn't you like the color of the sky ?? so contrast with a yellow school buses

shortcut to home and pick some an interesting rock :)
have a nice weekend , every one.. xo

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