Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thank You .. *I'm back*

The Package by Fitri D. // Rumah Manis
Forgive me not updating my blog for almost 2 and half months - and I know some of my friends and contacts still looking after me ; wondering where am I going ? What happened with me . For that matters I would like to say Thank You that you are so loyal to me.

I'm still around , kind of busy with my family to take care , but I promise I will come back when I have a plenty time like before to share my recipes to you and visiting you again.

You know, sometime life is going to different direction without warning - our life just turn to other directions that we never expect . It was sad, it was nerve- racking . For some reason, I need to be strong ; I must to believe that everything happen for a reason - always rainbow after rain. I have no energy to be sad, and at the end we know, there is Allah always help us to find the way out :)

I (we) always feel blessing that we have many family and nice friends around . To me , is so easy to see who is your truly friend is , they who come to you during hard time and not always in a good time. Trust me, is not always about money, but just simple question, if we still alive or not.. that is mean a lot to me.

I know I cant thank you enough for what friends, family did to us but just let me share a little thing that I made from the bottom of my heart. How grateful I'm - to have you as my family friends .
Thank you R, Thank you F .. you guys are awesome supportive friends..

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Dewi said...

Oh, I am so sorry :). What ever it is that you are having right now, hope it will get better soon. Good friend stays forever, good time and bad time. Good luck with everything.