Friday, March 8, 2013

Proudly Parents..

Fauvism Landscape by Fitri D. // Rumah Manis

Hello.. Happy Friday for you all , it's absolutely lovely weather here until Saturday. I've been work out at the gym since morning , kicked my lazy a** and get more active today.. Hurt little bit after long pause, but I feel much better.

It's pretty busy week for me, but the best I can tell is I'm a proudly mom. My 6yo is doing a very great job at school.

First she has been chosen to participate in FLEX Enrichment for second time in 2 years in row because of her assessment scores at class. In FLEX Enrichment class, she will have the opportunity to engage in higher level thinking activities. For sure, she must to sign a behavior contract during the program :) but so far she is enjoy the new activity beside gymnastic and swimming lesson.

The second lovely thing was, she did a fabulous job on her Fauvism Landscape painting, and she has been chosen to represent her school at the North Regional Art Exhibition. The artists came from student at Elementary, Middle and High School at North Regional Area.

We attended the art exhibition on last Wednesday, it was packed .. full with parents, kids, teacher and staff from many school. I can tell all of them were proud with their kids art and craft objects. And me and my husband  were so surprise with her art paint too - so lovely. :) *I'm proud of you dear*

Well, may be I brag too much .. but who doesn't feel proud if your kiddos doing right thing in their age ? I'm sure you do.

Oh, she has been talked to her grandma and grandpa over the phone . Her 'bahasa' is getting better everyday. Can't wait to see them soon, I'm sure grandma and pa must be miss her so much, so she is.. Grand ma asked when she will come to Indonesia again, she answered : 'sabar ya,uti' (be patient, grandma )  LOL


Hesti HH. said...

Aku aja yang cuman temen ikutan bangga apalagi mama papanya hehe
Gambarnya juga kereeen. She is so talented mbakyu...aku tahu Nisa mewarisi jiwa seni dari siapa...

denise fletcher said...

I would be very proud too :) Congrats for such a talented child!