Thursday, September 6, 2012

Klepon Ubi

Klepon Ubi by Fitri D. // Rumah Manis
This recipe is a little bit of modification from original recipe, as I know the original recipe just using glutinous rice flour. But the new one add sweet potatoes - to me, the texture is more soften than regular one and yet delicious. And this dessert become popular among Indonesian's Food Blogger - I tell you, how easy media attract you ^_^

Thought using purple potatoes giving more pretty colors too, but too bad I couldn't fine the purple one so just grabbed the red / yellow sweet potatoes than.
Recipe Ingredients:
200 grams of sweet violet / red/ yellow potatoes (steamed, mashed)
150 grams white glutinous rice flour
1 teaspoon salt
approx. 100 ml or less cold water water (for dough)
500 ml of water (for cooking)
100 gr grated coconut (steamed + add a pinch of salt)
50 g brown sugar (chopped)

Directions :
Combine sweet potatoes, white glutinous rice flour, salt and water. Stir well.
Take a little dough, fill with brown sugar. Make a round shape as big as lime size
In medium pot, boiled water. Add the potatoes ball , cooked until the dough are floating. Try not to put too many dough so not over crowded.
Roll in shredded coconut.

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Hesti HH. said...

Aduuuuh mbak,...itu kelapa gondrongnya bikin ngiler euy! tapi emang klepon ubi lebih enak rasanya. Suka banget!!