Monday, December 12, 2011

NO BAKING TODAY : Apron & Kitchen Towel

From Tokyo with Love Theme by Fitri D. // Rumah Manis

Some people try to get a perfect gift for friends and family during this month, I know must be giving you a little bit headache ^_^  . So why don't you try to make your own gift for someone you love ? An apron and matching kitchen towel, maybe is a good gift for them ? What you need is to buy a lovely fabric  like this . I called 'From Tokyo with Love Theme'.

Just a yard or less cotton fabric for an apron (I got from Jo-Ann Store ; about $8/yard) and half yard linen fabric for kitchen towel. I add a coffee pot hand stitches. Believe me, your friends or mom , will loves it. No pattern necessary , just using your imagination and 2 hours working with your sewing machine :)

And if you still lazy to make your own, send me message, I will love to do for you (and not expensive at all, just let me know your fav.colors or pattern) . A Custome made, is always makes me happy.

NOTE : both, an apron and kitchen towel are SOLD ! new collections will coming soon and I will put on my shop .. come back again, latter..  :)


Ira Rodrigues said...

mau beli kl dijual , hehehehe..i falling in love with both apron ;)

Mom's the little one said...

@Ira : yang sebelah kanan itu kitchen towel,Ir.. sold already :) but another products will coming soon on my shop :)