Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kabab Kobideh

Kabab Kobideh by Fitri D. // Rumah Manis

Don't call yourself Iranian, if you don't know how to making kabab - well, at least that is my opinion after so many years become an Iranian wife. I didn't know about kabab , the taste, the shape until I married to Iranian husband and attended too many Persian parties. oh well .. what I can say next that : I LOVE KABAB !! a little bit different with our Indonesian Satay which is Indonesian always eat satay / kabab with hot peanut dipping sauce but all Iranian as I know they eat the kabab with a bunch of raw onion *don't ask me to eat the raw onion :p - I still can't do that, the taste is not for me LOL , And the similarity between kabab and satay is we cook on the grill ..

I've been trying and practicing making kabab too many time and never get a perfect kabab as I want , I almost give up and especially after friend of mine told me, that "I don't need to know everything otherwise your husband won't never take you to restaurant anymore" LOL .. That was a funny joke my friend ever made. But after ask some advice to my blogger's friend , Azita from

I'm so proud to telling you that now I know how to make (almost) a perfect kabab :D . And right now, we (me and my husband) like to making kabab and invite some of friends to enjoy dinner together.

Kabab KoobidehIngredients :

2 pounds finely ground beef or lamb– I used 80% ground meat, (grind it 2-3 times)

1 large onion, grated, squeeze out the juice

1 teaspoon black pepper

2 tsp salt

Mixed all the ingredient in a blender with T hook for several times until sticky

Here is a few tips I got from my beloved blogger friends, Azita to make sure that the meat doesn't fall off the skewers - and check her pages, and you won't be regret to know how to cook like an iranian :)

1- Use fresh meat with some fat.

2- Grind the meat at least twice.

3- Squeeze out the grated onion and discard the juice.

4- Mix all the ingredients very well until it becomes like a sticky ball.

5- Leave the mixture at room-temperature for at least an hour.

6- Press the meat onto the flat metal skewers and make sure the ends are sticking too. Let them adhere to the shape by leaving them to rest for at least half an hour on the counter.

7- Grill has to be hot. You want to grill the kabab on high heat and quickly.

8- Once all the skewers are placed on the grill start turning them over one by one. You'll need to repeat this until both sides are browned evenly and well done to your liking.

9- If after following all of these steps the meat falls off the skewer, you may add 2-3 tablespoons of dried bread crumbs even though this is not a common practice in kabab making.

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Dewi said...

My favorite! I never made it at home, because we have this Iranian store close by and they make the best kubideh so far. I think I'm going to order this for dinner tonight.