Friday, August 19, 2011

Bento Lunch Box

Bento Lunch Box by Fitri D. // Rumah Manis
Ayam Pentul+Coconut Rice wrap with a slice of egg-omelet with carot / her's fav.fruit !
My daughter start her kindergarten school this week , for full day which is she will stay at school since 9am to 4pm .. oh dear, even school is a pretty close to our home, but still i feel sad too.  Home feel so quite. Sometime i wish she wouldn't have grown up so fast but then i realize that is so selfish I am, she need to be grow as a young lady. :) 
Try to wake her up early and prepare everything for her is a new 'chaos' at home today, but after a week seem everything  going on the right track. No fighting between mom and daughter LOL.  And I find another interesting moment too, preparing her lunch box menu and snack !!  I never thought this is gonna be an interesting and exciting moment for me, and i learn from many 'bento' moms .  And next, all the bento products just drive me crazy, they are so cute !!!  oh my..
Here is  just a sample of one of my daughter's bento lunch box. Can't compete with others 'bento' mom.. i just a beginner, but everything is just fine, as long as my daughter happy and eat whatever i put on her lunch box. I made Indonesian's Chicken Drumstick as known as Ayam Pentul. and write in indonesian, if you interest just let me know i will translate for you.  Try to prepare everything since night and fry it in the morning so no more chaos morning :D

Ayam Pentul
10 bh sayap ayam // chicken drumlets

Bumbu :
2 sdt garam halus // salt
1 sdm bawang putih bubuk // garlic powder
½ sdt lada halus // white pepper
½ sdt chicken powder // chicken stock powder
1 sdm olive oil
1 sdt gula pasir // sugar
1 sdm air jeruk nipis // lime juice
2 sdm susu evaporated // evaporated milk
1 sdt ketumbar bubuk // coriander powder

Bahan lain:
300 gr tepung terigu // all-purpose flour
2 btr putih telur // white eggs
Tepung panir kasar // Japanese Bread Crumb // Tempura Crumb

Cara membuat:
1. Potong sayap ayam, ambil bagian yg banyak dagingnya, kerat urat ujungnya, kumpulkan daging ayam pada bonggol sendi-nya sedemikian rupa sehingga bentuknya menjadi spt drum stick.
2. Campur semua bumbu halus, lalu ratakan pada sayam ayam. Diamkan lk. 15 menit.
3. Gulingkan sayap ayam pada tepung terigu, lalu celupkan di putih telur yang dikocok lepas supaya agak encer. Gulingkan lagi pada tepung tempura. Kepal-kepal agar tepung tempura menempel kuat. Bekukan dalam kulkas lk. 1 jam
4. Goreng hingga kekuningan, dengan api sedang, hingga matang.

5. Sajikan bersama saos botolan.

1. Cut chicken drumlets, with sharp knives bring all the meat from the top to the bottom part of bone, and you will see it will look likes a drum stick.
2. Mixed all the spices + milk + chickens into the medium bowl. Set a side, +/- 15 minutes

3. Roll the drumstick into all purpose flour , than dipp into white egss, and last roll into tempura crumbs. squize little bit harder so all the crumb will stick together.  Keep it cold in the icebox for 1 hours - me : sometime I keep into several ziploc, frozen and when i need its easy to take out from freezer.
4. Fry it with medium heat or bake 350 F for 45 minutes.
5. Serve with ketchup.


Elsye said...

Nisaaaa..udah gede ajaa..hihihihi...btw Mak, beneran rajin banget looohh bikin bento, gw contek resep ayam pentulnya yaahh

Bento nya cantikkk !

wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

May I check with you,
Air jeruk nipis is lime/calamansi juice?
Panir kasar is ?
I've know the rest of the ingredients, but can't figure out these two.

wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

Thank you for replying me on my blog.
It's not my first time here :)
I tried out your rainbow cake before, remember?
I hope I can get chicken drummets to try this out.
BTW, it won't be pentul if I didn't use drummets, right?

WendyinKK @ Table for 2..... or more said...

I forgot to tell you I've got it posted.

Awesome! My hubby complained I made too few