Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Find your happiness

One of my beloved friend, asked me one simply question : "Fitri, are you happy (with the decision you've made in your life) ?"

Yeaaah, that was a simply question, but for some case, the answer not as simply as like you though, anyway it doesn't matter what my answer was. But, what I want to tell you that sometime we always compare our self with others, don't you agree ?? Comparing *in positive ways* is good, but not always good. As like some people say,

The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence but you still have to mow it

Happy , Happiness.. what is the world mean ? I don't know ! My point of happy or happiness may be different with yours, and you will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.

Happiness is something everyone wants to achieve. While on the surface people may seem to be looking for money, recognition, or other things, what they actually seek is happiness. Unfortunately, many people never reach the level of happiness they desire.

Gosh, what I'm talking about ? I don't know I must be totally insane ^_^.. anyway, what I want to say that :

YES, I'm happy with decision that I made in my life *with every consequence off course*

YES, I'm happy if you not sad anymore *as you said, there is so many fish on the ocean* wink..wink.. *hey Kris, I'm happy meet friend like you - and thank you for the award :-)

YES, I'm happy to meet you again !! *hey yaaaa... nice talk to you, my best friend ever*.

YES, I'm happy after talked to my mom & dad this morning * I miss them so bad, hopefully we will see you again very soon*

YES, I'm happy can make you happy with this bread LOL.. really this is the request from my old friend that I found through Facebook again, and she asked me if I remember the bread that her (and me) ate every afternoon from the guy who sell door to door long time ago.. hahahah... milk bread with cheese filling *and she remind me,at that time the cheese just so little , probably more flour than cheese.

Hey, Henny .. hopefully this recipes can helping bringing back your memory, *well.. at least I try to use my imagination to make as close as your taste or may be better, hahahah

Roti Keju Susu - Cheese Milk Bread

500 grams bread flour , sifted

1 pack of active yeast (+/- 7 grams)

1/4 cup warm water

1 tsp sugar

100 cc tepid water

2 eggs, room temperature

25 grams full cream milk powder

50 gr caster sugar

1 tsp salt

75 grams butter, room temperature

2 tbsp condense milk

1-2 Egg yolk for brushing

Melted Butter for brushing

Cheese-Milk Filling :

150 grams un-salted butter

50 grams powder sugar

100 grams, full cream milk powder

50 gram English Cheddar cheese (or use regular Cheddar cheese)

Mix all the filling ingredient with fork.

Directions :

Sprinkle the yeast onto 1/4 cup water add 1 tsp sugar, stir and set aside for 10 minutes until foamy

In a mixer with dough hooks, mix flour, yeast sugar, milk powder, yeast mixture, condense milk. Add little by little the water, than add butter and salt. Mix well, then knead it for a second time until dough become elastic. Put in a big clean bowl, cover with plastic. Set aside for 1 hour or until raise well.

Punched the dough and knead again lightly, then divide them into small size *it's up to you :) * and than roll into ball, fill them with the filling mixture. Let stand for another 45 minute, than brush with egg yolk, sprinkle with muesli or sesame seed, bake into the oven 350 F for 20 minute or until golden brown, depend on your bread size.

Right the way, brush them with melted butter. Enjoy!

Note : always test your yeast before baking, so you will never waste your time

Award from Kris - Bake In Paris, Thank You :-)


Kitchen Flavours said...

Happiness is something in us.....which is always with us...which is totally depend on how we see the are happy and u r bread make me happy and

lisa said...

Sounds delicious! The cheese filling spilling out looks great.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Ramadan Karim to you and your family.....

Joy From Fasting To Feasting is back. Take time to participate....I left a mail with details...

henny said...

thank you, thank you....a lot!
I'll send you my pic of this 'chessy' bread as soon as I bake (rencana: tomorrow morning for a late saturday b'fast)

bake in paris said...

Oh, Fitri... I was so sentimental about your writing. Seems you have all the happiness around you and are truly happy about your choice in life. Again you yourself know the best what and how it is and you have no duty to rationalize to anyone in this whole world.

And Henny should be the lucky one today - maybe she is munching one of those cheese milk breads that you made for her :-)

Alway look at the bright side of things : YOU HAVE YOURSELF!


Fitri said...

@ Lisa : Thank You,Lisa.. :)
@ Lubna : I will try do the best dear
@ Henny : enjoy... :)
@ Kris : hi, Kris..thank you for being my friend, as like you said, we can learn from everybody, and become wise day by day LOL

Olivia said...

Hi Just love the texture and the overflowing of the filling in the bread. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.


Silvia said...

Hi Fitri, salam kenal, I enjoy reading your blog, great recipes, I hope I can make one of your cake or bread recipes these days. Thanx for sharing. I agree with you about happiness.